What is Kangen Water?

Kangen in Japanese means Return to Origins. Kangen Water is a Hydrogen Rich Water (also known as Electrolysed Reduced Water) Produces With an Enagic Water Ioniser Machine that generates Water properties of Antioxidants, Alkalinity, & Micro-Clustered that benefit us. A proven Medical Device ISO13485 that provides the essential needs of drinking the right kind of water for our general health and well-being.

"Kangen Water Is Alkaline Rich Water (pH 8-9), And Is Considered The Very Best Drinking Water Because Of Its Incomparable Powers of Hydration, Detoxification, and Antioxidant."

Dr. Hiromi Shinya

World Renowned Doctor, Leading Gastroenterologist & SurgeonProfessor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of MedicineChief of Endoscopy at Beth Israel Medical Center N.Y.Treats Members of the Japanese Royal Family, English Royal Family, Former US Presidents, The Pope, & many more

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Healthy Alkalised Ionized Machine #1 for you and your family. For over four decades, Enagic International has been the leader in manufacturing water-ionization systems that transform regular tap water into pure, healthy, electrolytically-reduced, and hydrogen-rich drinking water.This Japan-based company internationally distributes millions of Kangen Water® machines to homes all over the globe (more than 170 Countries).

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Helping People To Gain Their True Health With The Right Kind Of Water!  High Antioxidants, Quick Hydration, Alkalized, Anti-Inflammation, Electrolyzed Reduced Water, Molecular Hydrogen, Hydrogen Active Water, ISO 13485 Medical Standard Machine, 100% Made in Japan, 48 Years Company (2022).Membantu Orang Untuk Mendapatkan Kesehatan Dengan Jenis Air Yang Tepat! Antioksidan Tinggi, Hidrasi Cepat, Alkalized, Anti Inflamasi, Electrolyzed Reduced Water, Molecular Hydrogen, Hydrogen Active Water, Mesin Standar Medis ISO 13485, 100% Buatan Jepang, Perusahaan 48 Tahun (2022).